Caution against Using Crib Bumpers

18/11/2012 22:57

As a parent, you have lots of obligation on your shoulders and any decision you make could affect you toddler either positively or negatively. This is the case when it comes to crib bumpers. Once you make a wrong move, your baby will feel the effect of your wrong move. Many have often found themselves asking, should I or should I not get a crib bumper? Well, this is a question parents who want the babies to sleep in their own cribs will face often.

What wrong with crib bumpers?

In the recent past, cribs bumpers have attracted lots of attention and controversy. Quite a huge chunk of the parenting population has a belief that they are unsafe and pose potential threats to the babies. Generally, crib bumpers have been in existence for a long time. Most were constructed with large gaps between their vertical slats. Sadly, some babies got injured and a few even lost their lives. Incidentally, what was aimed to protect babies turned out be hazardous. A number of documented cases were reported where children were smothered when their faces got pressed against a bumper or when crib bumpers became loose and wound the child’s neck. Nonetheless, in the recent past, regulatory guidelines have been put in place to deal with the risk.

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Are these regulations sufficient?

There are regulations which require all engaged in crib manufacturer to construct cribs which have slats not exceeding three inches. This is meant to do away with the possibility of babies having their heads stuck. Sadly, the risks of having their limbs caught have not been eliminated and hence the regulations have just eliminated partial risk. Perhaps, it is important to query why parents still use crib bumpers when they pose risk to the babies.

Why parents use crib bumpers

Many of the parents believe that they protect babies from hazards which may strike when they are asleep. Additionally, there are quite a number of parents who are simply driven by the visual appeal these bumpers added to the crib itself. Often, decoration takes a huge chunk of parents spending on babies and in some instances they forget to evaluate the risk posed by such decorations.

Generally, there is still a delicate balance as to whether or not to use a crib. What is however for sure is that anything which poses a risk to your baby should be avoided for as much as reasonably possible. Unless you are sufficiently sure that the crib bumper you add to your baby’s crib will pose zero risk to them, it may be a good idea to stay away from the same. Safety of the baby should always supersede everything, whether it is decoration or any other aspect of production. As has been mentioned earlier, while the regulatory guidelines has successfully eliminated cases of a baby’s head being stuck and causing injury, the possibility of the limbs getting stuck are still rife and must be considered in your planning. Stay on the safe side and let your baby grow into a fine gentleman or lady. You might want to also consider getting a bassinet instead.