Maybe you have heard of the sea drones?

01/12/2013 13:43

There's been recently a spike in interests towards the use of drones engineering and that is in no small part contributed to the recent Amazon AirPrime project introduced by Jeff Bezos. Given the highly sci-fi nature of the idea, the significant pick-up of interests in the idea isn't unexpected at all. The big question that the geeks is questioning is not about if this idea will ever become a reality however it is about when this idea will eventually turn into reality. Yet somehow, long set of concern still remain as doubts and it seems that man and not the technology itself that proves to act as the biggest bottleneck. For science geeks, the talk of drone is not restricted to the sky though. Recently, news of US Navy's trial in using sea drones has been making big waves around the tech forums and blogsphere. The level of controversy and excitement is comparable from what the Amazon drone concept has drawn. It appears that the military use is already in much more advanced phase and they are already looking beneath the sea for their tactical military advantage. Little official information can be obtained at this point of time but it does not stop the science enthusiasts from predicting the future of this technology.

Military intelligence gathering will certainly be one of the primary beneficiary of such technology. But military intelligence itself is really a massive realm alone and it could mean a lot of things. One example that I could think about would be to let these sea drones wander around and perform enemy surveillance. There are countless different kind of marine creatures that may range in size from as tiny as few centimeters to as enormous as few yards which is going to make enemy detection highly difficult. Mapping out the terrestrial structure of the enemy area may prove to be a far more interesting use case. After they have all the information on hand, you might be surprised on the type of uses the collected information can be utilized for.

One great use that has been discussed among many science enthusiasts is for navigation assistance. Quite recently, the USA Navy SEAL achieved what seemed to be highly improbable mission in capturing the world's most wanted man, Bin Laden and what was remarkable was how they managed to secretly penetrate the territory without being noticed. I 'm uncertain if it ever happens but it appears the SEAL teams are capable of swimming across seas if it means to be the best way of reaching the enemy target. The sea drones may be used to collect details about the ocean conditions like the wave direction, speed and etc. The data can be utilized to provide navigation assistance that will help speed up their journey towards the target.


You can call me a technology geek but I still must admit that I like the drone ideas. These ideas appear highly fictional at this point of time but when the potential problems are ironed out, we possibly may just see this technology happening before our eyes. I always love the idea of receiving my package in the shortest possible time and if I could possibly get it within an hour at minimal cost, I'd definitely select it. I do not particularly like the darkness of the sea beneath nonetheless it is in this darkness that I believe many of Mother Nature's greatest secrets remain uncovered and just waiting to be discovered and I believe the sea drone takes us an inch closer towards achieving this.